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“In two years with Rex, Niket [Grade 3] developed a mobile app and it’s in the Google Store. He published a game. He was selected for the Davidson’s Young Scholar gifted program. He built a website.” — NIKET, NORTHHILLS CHARTER SCHOOL

Educator Provided

Teach on your own or get a live, remote CS teacher to do it for you.


Free professional development to support implementation.

Budget Friendly

Choose from several low-cost plans customized to your needs and budget.

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Aligns with state and national education standards.

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Works at home, in class, and on Chromebooks.

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Single Sign-on

Built for schools. Private, simple, and secure.

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No CS degree necessary. Optional teacher included.

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Detailed reporting tools and auto-grading.

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Saves Teacher Time

Real coding and real projects with realtime feedback.

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Everything You Need to Offer Computer Science Classes

Teach elementary, middle, and high school students to code with the interactive, browser-based curriculum that works out of the box and aligns with state standards.

Fun & Engaging
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Why Students Love Rex


Project-Based Learning

Students build real websites, mobile apps, games, graphics, and more!


Custom Pathways

Adaptable to individual students’ learning styles and interests.



Learn step-by-step as our coding platform verifies code in real-time so students get immediate feedback.

Raising Aspirations for All Students Through Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Computer Science


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Teachers and students say Rex K-12 changed their lives — and they have real life creations to prove it.

“Aatif created his own web development software business after studying web development, Python and a few other classes with rex.”


    Grade 6, Coppell ISD

    "Rex has helped Abhi pass his AP CS A Exam when he was in 6th grade."


      Grade 6, Greenhill

      "Greenhill increased their tech summer camps from 2 to 52 in 3 years by using Rex."

        Vicki Truitt
        Vicki Truitt

        Summer Camp Director, Greenhill School, Dallas

        "Rex remote teachers helped Falcon School in Colorado solve our Computer Science teacher shortage crisis."

          Dr. Darryl Bonds
          Dr. Darryl Bonds

          Principal, Falcon High School, District 49.

          "Guyer High School, Denton ISD went from 70% pass rate to 100% pass rate in AP CS A by using Rex AP CS A curriculum"

            Bridget Matamoros-Mota
            Bridget Matamoros-Mota

            Computer Science Department Head, Guyer High School, Denton ISD

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            Futureproof Students
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            “Coding is reading and writing for future generations.”

            — Sandhya Padala, Founder & CEO, Rex K-12

            Nevada and South Carolina were among some of the first states to to make computer science a high school graduation requirement. More states are adopting similar policies. Schools that offer CS education increase access for girls and minorities, and lead college, career, and military readiness across the board.

            The Turnkey Computer Science Solution for Schools

            Live, online instruction and asynchronous options available. Includes practices, labs, quizzes, solution sets – all standards-based.

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            Rex K-12 is a trusted leader in computer science education.


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            Finally, any school can give every student the opportunity to learn the #1 skill of the future with Rex K-12 Choose whether to equip a teacher with our all-in-one curriculum, or get a highly-qualified online CS educator with Rex in a Box.

            Teach Popular Programming Languages and Tech Topics

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            30+ Subjects

            Offer popular courses like game development and Python.

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            5000+ Hours

            More content than a standard coding bootcamp.

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            10+ Certifications

            Prepare for industry standard certification exams.


            95% future CS Majors

            That’s right! Of students surveyed, 95% went on to major in CS.

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            We are proud to be supported by our partners.

            Prepare Students for the Careers of the Future

            Computer science is the future of college, career, and military readiness.

            higher average salaries for computer science majors.
            of parents want their children to study computer science.
            of new STEM jobs are in computer science.
            projected growth in CS jobs.

            – US Bureau of Labor Statistics

            Rex Academy Raises Aspirations for All Students Through Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Computer Science

            This is how we can accomplish our mission to end generational poverty by providing educational opportunities in computer science and cybersecurity for all K-12 students.

            Why Teach Computer Science?

            Rex Academy’s founder, Sandhya Padela, grew up in poverty before becoming a software engineer with her own team at Harley Davidson. Programming changed her life, because it gave her a high-demand skill set and a path to career success.

            By teaching computer science courses, you can prepare students for the careers of the future—no matter what their circumstances. Not only that, but computer science helps students develop a well-rounded education and the skill set to be thriving digital citizens in the online world of tomorrow.


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