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See how Rex K-12’s computer science curriculum aligns with state and local standards for computer science education.

Dear Educator,

The careers of the future will require employees who are good digital citizens and who understand foundational principles of computer science. Many of the jobs in highest demand will be in fields like data science and software engineering.

That’s why many states have adopted computer science as a graduation requirement, and set standards for computer science education. It can be difficult to keep up as these standards evolve, and new states sign on every day. State requirements also vary. 

ISTE and CSTA are two of the premier national state standards that govern computer science education in the United States. Curriculum aligned to these standards ensure that students are receiving the highest quality computer science education and the best preparation for future careers.

Whenever you purchase the Rex K-12 curriculum, we align ourselves with the standards, schedule, and instructional practices adopted by your district. We’ll keep our curriculum up to date as standards and technology evolve.


Sandhya Padela

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Computer Science Teachers Association Member

Why you should only consider computer science programs aligned with CSTA K–12 CS Standards


Many state departments of education rely on CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards set by the Computer Science Teachers Association. CSTA is the leading authority on computer science education in the US. Prior to claiming alignment with CSTA K–12 CS Standards, computer science education providers like Rex K-12 must have their content approved by the CSTA Standards Review Team. CSTA standards alignment is a prerequisite for many state standards and grant funding opportunities.

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