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We are team of educators and technologists working towards our vision

Rex K-12 is a woman and minority-owned business expanding access to computer science education.

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Rex K-12 was founded in 2015 by Sandhya (Sandy) Padala

She faced the same problem as millions of parents—she couldn’t find a good computer science program for her children.

Her nine-year-old son said, “I want to learn to make video games!” But his school didn’t teach computer science—not surprising since in 2017 only 32 computer science teachers graduated nationwide.


Homeschool sandhya padala and child

So she started teaching her son on her own. Then his friends joined. Next, his school asked, “Can you teach computer science summer camps?” 

She said yes and soon Rex went from 2 camps to 45! But, not all parents could afford the camps. 

Sandhya grew up impoverished, in a 300 square-foot home in India with a family of five. Computer science changed her life. She wants to give all children the chance to succeed. So she created Rex K-12.

Students have already spent more than 500,000 hours on our platform. We took a computer science class in Texas with a pass rate of just 70% all the way up to 100% on the Advanced Placement Computer Science exam. Our remote teachers helped many schools solve their teacher shortage crisis. And 95% of the students we’ve tracked went on to major in Computer Science.

Our Vision

To end generational poverty by providing educational opportunities in computer science, AI and cybersecurity for all K-12 students.

Our Mission

K-12 computer science curriculum on an AI platform that enables any teacher to teach computer science.

Why Teach Computer Science?

Rex Academy’s founder, Sandhya Padela, grew up in poverty before becoming a software engineer with her own team at Harley Davidson. Programming changed her life, because it gave her a high-demand skill set and a path to career success.

By teaching computer science courses, you can prepare students for the careers of the future—no matter what their circumstances. Not only that, but computer science helps students develop a well-rounded education and the skill set to be thriving digital citizens in the online world of tomorrow.

Our Values
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Do what you say. Say what you mean.

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Deliver results with the right quality and in a timely fashion.

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Maintain high-quality products, services, and processes.

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Raise aspirations for all students. Attract and retain top talent.

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Rex Leadership

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Sandy Padala - Company Growth

Sandhya Padala

Founder and CEO

Caitlin Webb - Product developmenet

Caitlin Webb

Curriculum Manager

Praveen Charles

Director of IT

Camden Johnson - Operations

Camden Johnson

Operations Manager

Vamshi Geendru - Global Expansion

Vamshi Geendru

Co-Founder and CTO

Advisory Board

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Advisor - Bill Attinger

Bill Attinger

Managing Director at FORSTMANN & CO.

Advisor - Dennis Brylow

Dennis Brylow

Professor at Marquette University

Advisor - Dwight Jones

Dwight Jones

State Commissioner of Education Advisor to Education Investors

Advisor marketing

Grady Buchanan

Co-Founder at NVNG

Dr. Christina Kishimoto

CEO & FOUNDER Voice4Equity

Advisor - Jacob Hanson

Jacob Hanson

CEO & Storyteller, PRP Group

Advisor - Stanley Page

Stanley Page

Podcasts and Blogs SVP

Advisor - Carl Hooker

Carl Hooker

Chief Evangelist of Innovation

Advisor - Thomas Aurelio Davis

Thomas Aurelio Davis

Director of Business Development at The Center for Educational Innovation

Dr. Christina Kishimoto

CEO & FOUNDER Voice4Equity

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