Animations with Alice

Unleash your creativity with Alice as students dive into the world of interactive storytelling and game creation, learning to use the Alice 3.0 software to bring their imaginations to life through captivating animations and games, fostering computational thinking and digital literacy skills in a fun and engaging environment.

Create interactive animations, games, art, and storytelling in a captivating digital world.


30 hours

Learn: Alice 3.0

Class Description
Data Visualization Game Development


Credential-Ready, Grade-Appropriate, Standards Aligned

In this course students will create animations and games using the Alice 3.0 programming language.


Data Visualization Game Development
Expectations and Outcomes
Data Visualization Game Development


As students create animated scenes and games using our guided lessons, students learn basic programming theory, computational thinking, debugging techniques and other fundamental programming skills.



Enhances digital literacy by introducing students to the fundamentals of programming and animation, equipping them with valuable skills applicable to various digital media platforms.



Nurtures an appreciation for storytelling, art, and creativity in a digital context, stimulating imagination and self-expression through interactive animations and games.

Mobile App Development IT Fundamentals AP CS P Cybersecurity Data Visualization Digital Arts Game Development Hardware Internet Safety

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