Caitlin's Story

Unlocking Success: An Inspiring Path from Learner to Leader

By Admin

What prompted you to become a part of Rex K-12’s mission?

I joined Rex K-12 as a young college student who was excited about educating the next generation. I knew computer science education was very important because my father and oldest brother constantly talked about the importance of understanding the basics of programming. I was excited to be a part of a young and innovative company that put those two areas together.

How has your involvement with Rex K-12 impacted your life?

When I joined Rex, I knew computer science was important but I didn’t know that anyone could do it. I had personally never taken CS classes in my K-12 school career because I didn’t think it was something I was able to learn. Sitting in the classes while Sandy taught, gave me the confidence to learn with the students. Slowly, I began to even help students debug their programs, until I gained the confidence to start teaching the classes myself. Rex showed me that computer science is not just for “geniuses”. Anyone could learn computer science, all you needed was the right teacher and curriculum to empower and guide you through it.

In what ways have you witnessed the impact of Rex K-12 on students and school districts?

One of my favorite impacts is the growth I see in students after or during Rex classes. I have seen many reserved, shy, and timid students bloom in coding classes to become confident, outspoken, and excited learners. The change happened when they were empowered through computer science education that met them where they were. Students are able to move through the content as slow or fast as they want. They don’t have to wait for someone else, but they also can slow down and take as much time as they need. This personalized instruction helps students with learning differences and difficulties to be able to guide and lead their own learning with the barriers they face in many “one size fits all” classes. I have personally seen many students on the autism spectrum thrive in coding classes. Students enjoy the personal expression and freedom they gain through CS education.

Why is computer science education crucial for students today?

Technology is a part of everyday life for everyone. The future is centered around technology usage and innovation. If we want our students to be ready for the future they are going to be a part of, then we have to educate them to be the builders, innovators, and inventors that will lead the future. We have already seen how people have been replaced by technology innovation. Educators need to empower and educate the next generation to not fall victim of innovation, but succeed because of their innovation. This is no longer a need just seen in a single career field. Students entering any career field will need computer science knowledge to lead in their field.

How does Rex K-12 make a difference in providing quality computer science education?

Rex is different because student success and needs are at the heart of everything we do and create. We are constantly listening to our student and educator voices to adapt and improve our product and curriculum. We support teachers with anything they need because we are educators. We know that students only succeed when educators, schools, and districts are supported and set up for success. Our turn key solution empowers anyone to teach our class. Our customer service makes sure that no wall or obstacle empeeds the success of student learning.

What message do you have for those considering joining the Transform Lives Ignite Minds campaign?

Just do it. Stop putting off something for tomorrow that needs to be done today. The students need it now. If you wait, then those students may fall victim to an education system that failed to prepare them for the inevitable future. That isn’t the legacy we want to leave behind as educators. Work with us to empower, engage, and ignite this next generation to lead us into a better future.

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