Digital Arts

Unleash your artistic vision in the digital realm as 9th graders dive into the exciting world of digital arts, mastering the essential skills to create stunning artwork, captivating animations, dynamic videos, eye-catching flyers, and a myriad of other captivating digital media.

Bring imagination to life with captivating visuals, animations, and multimedia masterpieces.


1 semester

Learn: Digital Productions

Class Description
Data Visualization Game Development

Digital Arts

Credential-Ready, Grade-Appropriate, Standards Aligned, Certification Aligned

In this course, students will learn various types of multimedia production. They will create works of art and animations sequences, learn to adjust and alter photos, and create various production videos.


Data Visualization Game Development
Expectations and Outcomes
Data Visualization Game Development

Digital Arts

Students will learn to create digital characters, animation sequences, professional videos, flyers, brochures, and improve their overall technology skills.



Enhances visual communication skills, enabling individuals to effectively convey messages and emotions through the creation of digital artwork, animations, and multimedia projects.



Nurtures an appreciation for art and design, expanding cultural awareness and understanding of various artistic styles, movements, and digital media trends.

AP CS P Cybersecurity Data Visualization Digital Arts

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