Learn the foundations of what hardware is and the external hardware pieces that make it possible to interact with our computers.

Learn the outward parts of the computer.


1 Quarter

Learn: What is Hardware

Class Description
Data Visualization Game Development

What is Hardware

Grade-Appropriate, Standards Aligned

Students are introduced to the concept of hardware and the pieces of external hardware they encounter when using technology.


Data Visualization Game Development
Expectations and Outcomes
Data Visualization Game Development


Students learn what hardware is, examples of hardware, the background behind each type of external hardware, and how to treat hardware properly.



Students learn what they need to be able to identify basic external pieces of hardware, how to use it properly, and describe the function of each piece like a mouse, monitor, keybaord, computer tower, and more.



Students are introduced to hardware through an engaging storyline in both the real world and a minecraft world. Students see the plot develope as they develope their information on external computer hardware.

AP CS P Cybersecurity Data Visualization Digital Arts Game Development Hardware

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