Introduction to Networks

Take a journey into the exciting exploration of the interconnected world of networking with Intro. to Networking as students dive into the fundamentals of the Internet, protocols, network architectures, and security, preparing them for the CompTIA Network+ exam and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to build and maintain robust computer networks.

Dive into the dynamic world of networking.


1 semester

Learn: Networking

Class Description
Data Visualization Game Development

Introduction to Networks

Credential-Ready, Grade-Appropriate, Standards Aligned

Networking is the immediate follow-up to ITF+ and teaches students about how networks work and form the backbone of the Internet.


Data Visualization Game Development
Expectations and Outcomes
Data Visualization Game Development

Introduction to Networks

Students can set up networks and configure network devices, explain various protocols, and analyze network data.

Students will be able to pass and become certified in the CompTIA Network+ exam.



Cultivates a broad understanding of the IT landscape, enabling students to make informed decisions and navigate the evolving digital world.



Enhances overall digital literacy and technology proficiency, empowering individuals to leverage IT resources effectively and ethically.

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