Uly’s Story

From Barriers to Boundless Possibilities

By Admin

What prompted you to become a part of Rex K-12’s mission?

Growing up there were not a lot of opportunities for kids of my socio-economic background to have access to not only a computer but coding or programming classes. Rex K-12 is committed to removing barriers so that all students can have access to quality content and instruction to prepare students for the future!

How has your involvement with Rex K-12 impacted your life?

Rex K-12 has provided me the opportunity to sit at the table with some of the most forward thinking school leaders in the country who not only want to make a difference in student’s lives today, but also prepare them with the skills to learn do business in the world of tomorrow with jobs that have yet to be created!

In what ways have you witnessed the impact of Rex K-12 on students and school districts?

My most exciting memory since being at Rex was watching a 2nd grade female student courageously stand in front of class and demonstrate her code and then teach her classmates how to code. It was evident that this student was learning much more than just the code itself but rather life long transferable skills to follow her into any industry or career choice that she makes.

Why is computer science education crucial for students today?

Computer science is not about the technology of today. As a matter of fact the technology that we have today is the “worst” that students will see because by the time they are ready to enter the workforce so much will have changed. Computer science is about learning the skills that can be applicable to not only how computers work but also about how to interact with other students and the skills to trouble shoot, problem solve, persevere and overcome obstacles not only on the screen but in life as well.

How does Rex K-12 make a difference in providing quality computer science education?

The Rex K-12 platform is so easy to use that even non computer science experts can teach lessons and maximize student outcomes. Students are engaged with the creation of fun games, programming tasks, and digital artifacts testing their analytical skills, deductive reasoning, problem solving abilities and resilience all in a fun, safe and educational environment for students. Each course that is taken is also aligned to national and industry standards to prepare students for future certifications that could lead to employment opportunities. For teachers, Rex’s analytics provide real time data to make swift decisions about teaching and support for students.

What message do you have for those considering joining the Transform Lives Ignite Minds campaign?

What are you waiting for? A well-rounded computer science education will not only help students face more challenges that they come across but provide more opportunities for the future. In the immortal words of John Dewey… If we teach the students of today as we did yesterday, we rob them of tomorrow. Get on the bus!!

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