Advanced Game Development with Unity

Build full games like platformers, text adventures, and more through the Unity platform using C#.

Build professional level games using the Unity Game Engine


180 hours

Learn: Unity

Class Description
Data Visualization Game Development

Advanced Game Development with Unity

Credential-Ready, Grade-Appropriate, Standards Aligned

Unity Game Development is a high school class designed to give students a more advanced experience and knowledge in game development using the Unity Platform. Students will learn the basics of how to develop a game UI all the way through full creation of 3D games with the software. Students are expected to have taken an introductory computer science or game development course prior to the Unity course. Students will be prepared to take the Unity Programmer User Certification .


Data Visualization Game Development
Expectations and Outcomes
Data Visualization Game Development

Advanced Game Development with Unity

Students will be able to create fully developed professional level 2D and 3D games using Unity. Students will learn high level computer concepts they can use for any other programming language.



Students will build on the computer science skills they have learned from their previous computer science class. This class will take their computer science knowledge into the professional world of game design.



Unity allows students learn advanced computer science concepts as they build fun 2D and 3D games. Students have the opportunity to customize all the games to show their own creative ideas.

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