At Rex, we have matched Wyoming’s vision with our own.

At Rex Academy, we are dedicated to building quality computer science education for all ages. Our core belief is that computer science should be available to all learners as it is a gateway to many opportunities.

Learning to code is comparable to learning reading, writing, and math for this generation. Rex makes this process easy and enjoyable for all!

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On October 22, 2018, Arizona's State Board of Education voted to adopt new K-12 Computer Science Standards.

In 2020, Wyoming adopted computer science content standards for their state. In 2021, Wyoming also developed a set of performance standards to match up with those content standards. 


“The standards we (CSSRC) present here provide the necessary foundation for local school district decisions about curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Implementation of these standards will better prepare Wyoming high school graduates for the rigors of college and/or career. In turn, Wyoming employers will be able to hire workers with a strong foundation in Computer Science both in specific content areas and in critical thinking and inquiry-based problem solving.”

Source: Wyoming Department of Education

At Rex, we have matched Wyoming’s vision with our own.

State Of Wyoming Requirements

By law, Wyoming requires all of its schools to adopt computational thinking. While this is not a course requirement, it does ask for computer science materials to be adopted throughout a child’s education experience.

In Wyoming, computer science courses that align to its standards may count towards graduation as science credits.

Did you know?

Arizona’s standards closely matches the standards of CSTA

Wyoming aligns quite well to CSTA standards and therefore has five core computer science domains:

5 Core Domains:

  1. Computing Systems
  2. Networks and the Internet
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Algorithms and Programming
  5. Impacts of Computing

Many of Rex's Features

Data Visualization Game Development
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Works at home, in class, and on Chromebooks.

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Aligns with state and national education standards.

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Built for schools. Private, simple, and secure.

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No CS degree necessary. Optional teacher included.

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Detailed reporting tools and auto-grading.

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Real coding and real projects with realtime feedback.

Additional Rex Alignments

Rex Academy courses are also aligned to the following standards

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