How Many New Jobs Are Expected in AI for Future Developers?

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How Many New Jobs Are Expected in AI for Future Developers?

In the dynamic landscape of technology, the demand for skilled professionals in AI, IT fields, and cybersecurity is continuously evolving. Pinpointing the precise number of new jobs in AI can be challenging due to several factors:

Evolving Field: AI is rapidly evolving, and job titles explicitly mentioning “AI” are relatively new. This makes it challenging to track historical data and forecast future growth solely based on specific job titles. However, a clear connection exists between computer science education and the growing demand for AI-related skills in the job market. Teaching K-12 Computer Science Classes that incorporate AI concepts can help students develop a strong foundation for future careers in this field.

Integration Across Industries: AI is increasingly integrated into diverse job roles across various industries. These positions may not have “AI” in their titles but require AI-related skills and knowledge. By including AI modules in the K-12 Computer Science Curriculum, students can gain exposure to AI concepts and applications, preparing them for the interdisciplinary nature of future AI-related roles.

Data Fragmentation: Job market data is collected and reported by different organizations using varied methodologies, making it difficult to obtain a unified figure encompassing the global AI job market. Nonetheless, the demand for AI skills continues to grow across industries, creating opportunities for individuals with a strong background in computer science. Pursuing High school Computer Science Career Professional Certification can validate students’ proficiency in AI-related skills, enhancing their competitiveness in the job market.

Despite these challenges, several resources provide insights into potential job growth in the AI field:

Burning Glass Technologies: In 2022, Burning Glass Technologies estimated over 500,000 job postings mentioning AI skills in the US. This underscores the importance of incorporating AI education into the K-12 curriculum to meet the growing demand for AI talent in the workforce.

World Economic Forum: Their “The Future of Jobs Report 2020” predicts that while AI might replace around 85 million jobs globally by 2025, it will create approximately 97 million new roles. This suggests a net gain in employment, though the skills required for these new roles may differ. By teaching AI concepts alongside traditional computer science principles, educators can prepare students for the evolving job landscape.

Specialized AI Roles: Various sources report an increase in job postings for specific AI-related roles such as Machine Learning Engineers, AI Researchers, Data Scientists specializing in AI, Robotics Engineers, and Deep Learning Engineers. Integrating AI modules into the K-12 curriculum can introduce students to these specialized roles and inspire them to pursue further education and training in AI-related fields.

Global vs. Regional Trends: Job growth in AI may vary significantly by region or country, with some areas experiencing faster growth rates than others. However, a strong foundation in computer science and AI education can equip students with the skills needed to adapt to regional job market trends and pursue opportunities in AI-related fields worldwide.

While an exact number of new AI jobs remains elusive, available data and trends suggest promising growth potential. The increasing adoption of AI across industries and the emergence of specialized AI roles indicate a growing demand for individuals with the necessary skills and expertise. Teaching K-12 computer science classes and incorporating AI can help prepare students for these evolving job opportunities. Additionally, high school computer science career professional certifications and Advanced Placement Computer Science Exam preparation courses can further validate their skills in this field. As educators continue to adapt to the changing needs of the workforce, integrating AI education into the curriculum can play a crucial role in shaping the future of AI talent development and job growth.

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