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by Christina Hill

Client Overview:

Name: Denver Public Schools
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Industry: Education – High School



Denver Public Schools faced several challenges in the realm of computer science education:

  1. Learning Loss Due to COVID-19: The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in significant learning loss among students, particularly those who had limited access to in-person education.
  2. Diverse Student Population: Denver Public Schools serves a highly diverse student population, including Latinx, White, Native American, Asian American, and African American students. Tailoring education to meet the needs of this diverse group was a challenge.
  3. Adapting to the Changing Landscape: The traditional teaching methods that had been in place for decades were no longer effective in engaging and educating the current generation of students, who have easy access to technology and digital resources.


Rex K12 provided a comprehensive solution to address these challenges:

  1. Expanded Academic Learning Programs: Rex K12 introduced expanded academic learning programs that included STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities, high-impact tutoring, social-emotional support, and a variety of academic enrichment activities.
  2. Remote Instructors: Rex K12 offered remote instructors as part of its platform, ensuring that students had access to qualified teachers even during periods of remote learning.
  3. Technology Integration: Rex K12 integrated technology and AI-based tools into the curriculum, creating an engaging and adaptive learning experience for students.


The implementation of Rex K12’s solution involved the following steps:

  1. Assessment: Rex K12 conducted an assessment of Denver Public Schools’ specific needs and challenges.
  2. Customization: A tailored program was developed to meet the diverse needs of the student population.
  3. Curriculum Integration: Rex K12 seamlessly integrated its computer science curriculum with Denver Public Schools’ existing educational framework.
  4. Training: Teachers were provided with training and support to effectively utilize the technology and resources.


The results of implementing Rex K12’s solution were highly positive:

  1. Addressed Learning Loss: The expanded academic learning programs helped mitigate learning loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Diversity Inclusion: The tailored approach ensured that students from diverse backgrounds could access and benefit from computer science education.
  3. Engagement: Students showed increased engagement and enthusiasm for learning through technology-based programs. 



Denver Public Schools experienced several key benefits after partnering with Rex K12:

  1. Improved student academic performance.
  2. Increased engagement and interest in computer science.
  3. Greater teacher confidence in delivering computer science curriculum.
  4. Mitigation of learning loss.
  5. Enhanced adaptability to the changing educational landscape.


The collaboration between Denver Public Schools and Rex K12 has yielded substantial benefits and addressed critical challenges in computer science education. The partnership has positioned the school district for a successful future in preparing students for the demands of the 21st century.

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