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by Christina Hill

Client Overview:

Name: Falcon High School
Location: Colorado, USA
Industry: Education – High School



Falcon High School faced a significant challenge in finding qualified computer science teachers due to the competitive nature of the field and the allure of higher-paying industry positions. This shortage of computer science educators was limiting their ability to provide high-quality computer science education to their students.


Rex K-12 provided a comprehensive solution to address Falcon High School’s computer science education challenges. They offered a remote teaching program that allowed the school to access qualified computer science teachers remotely. This innovative solution allowed Falcon High School to bridge the gap in teacher availability and deliver high-quality computer science instruction to their students.


The implementation of Rex K12’s solution involved the following steps:

  1. Identifying the need: Falcon High School recognized the shortage of computer science teachers and the importance of providing their students with a strong computer science education.
  2. Partnership with Rex K-12: The school partnered with Rex K12 to access their remote teaching program.
  3. Teacher selection: Rex K-12 selected a qualified computer science teacher to provide remote instruction to Falcon High School students.
  4. Technology setup: Rex K-12 set up the necessary technology infrastructure to facilitate remote teaching, including video conferencing and communication tools.
  5. Integration into the curriculum: The remote teacher seamlessly integrated into Falcon High School’s computer science curriculum, ensuring a cohesive learning experience.


As a result of partnering with Rex K12, Falcon High School achieved the following positive outcomes:

  1. Access to qualified computer science teachers despite the teacher shortage.
  2. Improved student engagement and performance in computer science courses.
  3. Positive feedback from students who benefited from remote instruction.
  4. A flexible solution that allowed the school to maintain high standards of computer science education.


The key benefits Falcon High School experienced after partnering with Rex K-12 include:

  1. Overcoming the challenge of finding computer science teachers.
  2. Providing students with access to high-quality computer science education.
  3. Preparing students for future careers in technology and artificial intelligence.
  4. Enhancing the school’s reputation for innovative education solutions.


The partnership with Rex K12 has proven to be a successful solution for Falcon High School’s computer science education needs. By leveraging Rex K12’s remote teaching program, the school has overcome the teacher shortage and delivered exceptional computer science instruction to its students. This partnership has positioned Falcon High School for long-term success in the field of computer science education.

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